Arham Living Centre in Andheri | Doctor | Srinivas Bagarkha Road, J B Nagar | Andheri

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Arham Living Centre in Andheri | Doctor | Srinivas Bagarkha Road, J B Nagar | Andheri

Name: Arham Living Centre in Andheri
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Arham Living Centre in Andheri | Doctor | Srinivas Bagarkha Road, J B Nagar | Andheri
Image Credit To: Arham Living Centre in Andheri | Doctor | Srinivas Bagarkha Road, J B Nagar | Andheri


Business Type: Doctor
Business Introduction: Our Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Treatments In Navi Mumbai & Mumbai Arham Living is Ayurvedic Clinic in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. At Arham Living our consultants come to your home and provide treatment. They try to understand you as an individual and create a individualized ayurvedic & panchkarma treatment program to help cure or mitigate any ailments that may affect you or your loved one.

Complete address

Address: Arham Living-Ayurvedic Clinic, Shop no.2 Monarch CHS LTD, Srinivas Bagarkha Road, J B Nagar, Andheri East, Maharashtra 400059
Landmark: Shop no.2 Monarch CHS LTD
Area: Srinivas Bagarkha Road, J B Nagar
Pin Code: 400059
City: Andheri
State: Maharashtra
Country: India

Company details

Service Provided: Panchkarma Treatment ,Cancer Care & Treatment Heart Blockages – Hridya Basti ,Ayurveda for Children, Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment etc.
Est.: 2010
Professional Memberships:
Total Employee No.: 1
Infrastructure & Facilities: 24/7 online
Business Registration & License No:
Type of Company: Private
Other Branch if You Have?:
Business Communication Medium: English,Hindi

Our service charges and message to our customer

Fees & Service Charges: Rs.1000
Message to Your Customer: International Ayurvedic Doctor & Promoter specialists Panchkarma Consultants at Arham Living Ayurvedic Wellness.

Why we important for you

Awards & Achievements:

Business Opening/Closing Time: 24/7 online support

Services available for nearest area, cities

Business Related Keywords: Ayurvedic and pachakarma doctor in mumbai
Near by Area: Hotel Shrisager
Near by City: Vashi

If any discount provided by company

Discount Value upto:

Key person who involved in company and their educational background

Key Person Who Own Business: Dr. Krutee Doshi
Founder Education: BAMSprakruti analysis, panchkarma
How Business Started:
Founder Linkedin Link:

Book our service

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Reach us

Mobile: +919594041886
Email: [email protected]
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Call us

Mobile 1: +919594041886
Mobile 2:
WhatsApp No:


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