Hi Guys, Everybody want to work in very good company like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or Big Big Salary…paying company, but cracking the interview of these companies are not so simple.
Best Interview Preparation Books

The word ‘Interview’ itself creates some panic situation in everybody’s mind because the results have lots of implications for one’s life. This panic situation can be controlled if the interviewee is prepared a little for the interview in proper flow, which can be only achieved with proper practicing the question in earlier stage. Even you know the logic, but moment interviewer ask to write code for it, you hands start shaking. Keeping in mind, I have collected already asked questions with answer in one place for you. I am sure it will not only reduce your preparation time by one fourth but also help to crack any kind of interview. This book is going to help fresher a lot who does not know what are the things I need to cover for the particular company. Each question are explained with solution and also given details about popularity of question based on previous asked with level of difficulty of question.  I am one the way to release my first soft copy soon. So please get tuned with this page to get further update.

As we know that there are some must read books which prepare the interviewee to face the interview in the best possible way. So that must book, here we brought for you guys. Most of the interview company pattern varies so we designed book in such a way which suits for tier I, tier II or normal service based company. We have mentioned company name along with difficulty level of question and popularity of question, which will help to do revision before entering in interview for particular question. We will soon attach screen shot of each question on various topics. Now, your time stop searching placement paper for blah bla….company even you don’t have to search on web to know placement paper pattern. I am sure, if you solve this book, nobody can stop to get select in first attempt for any company.

Technical Interview now a day has changed a lot due to a big volume of filtering required by each company. As an interviewee, all that is required is to be up to date and having convincing power to convince the recruiters that you are the right person with the appropriate skills and attitude for the job in the time given to you. Therefore, being prepared is the only best way to get success and fulfill you dreams to come true. I wish you the best for next great Job!

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