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Data Analytics

We collect data from various sources and do data analytics. TopRanker4U.com provides ranking based on data. It is just trends and help internet user to take own decision based on ranking provided by TopRanker4U.com. We are not responsible about the suitability, accuracy or quality of the information in such content, and we assume no responsibility for inaccurate, objectionable, misleading, unintended, or unlawful content made available by TopRanker4U.com.

Coupon Code

  • TopRanker4U makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or suitability for use of any offers, including, but not limited to, discounts, coupons, or any kind of rebates etc. posted via the Services or that any third party will acknowledge or honor any such discount, offers, coupons, rebates, promotion code, etc. posted via the Services.
  • TopRanker4U is not responsible for providing any value for any discount, offers, coupons, rebates, promotion code, etc. posted via the Services.
  • TopRanker4U does not warrant that any contained available via the Services in TopRanker4U will be error free.
  • TopRanker4U does not and cannot review all content available through websites linked or linking to any part of the Services.
  • Customer is eligible for discount up to coupon code value given in coupon code in Rs or 5% of total sold value, whichever is minimum.


We publish coupon code provided by Advertiser. We are not involved in such dealings. It is solely between you and advertiser.  You agree that we are not responsible for any damage or loss incurred as the result of any such business. If there is a dispute between you and advertiser, we are under no obligation to become mediator in between two parties.

Enforcement by TopRanker4U.com

Any use of the coupons code in violation of the agreement made in between TopRanker4U.com and Advertiser may result in, other consequences, suspension or termination of your rights to publish the coupon code and we may report you to law enforcement authorities, and taking legal action against you. We may disclose information regarding publishing the coupon code in accordance with our privacy policy. We have the right to review any content and modify or even delete any content that in our sole discretion violates this agreement or which is prohibited content, or may otherwise violate the rights, harm, or any loss occurred by any internet user.


We are not responsible for any inaccurate data analytics, trends or ranking published by us. It is just tool/software which provides trend based on data collected that time. So trends or ranking may change in future. We shall not be responsible for any damage or loss occurred by contents of our website. It is sole responsibility of you to take own decision based on trend and ranking provided by TopRanker4U.com.