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There are so many type of lab test and without taking suggestion from doctor you should not go for lab test. Different type of lab tests is required for each disease so definitely take recommendation from your doctor before any test.

Blood tests have a lot of benefits that prevent any disease to occur. For example, by monitoring levels of sex hormones, you can take preventive action to enhance your quality of life.

The consequences of failing to proper analyze of blood can cause a lot of diseases in your body. This disease can be related to erectile dysfunction, abdominal obesity, and mental state, heart disease, and cancer, diabetes, decreasing your memory power or energy levels. So to avoid serious health problems you have to do your routine blood test. At least annually, blood testing is the most important step to prevent life-threatening disease.

You can find number of best lab test but problem is that that will charge a lot because of its branding. So I will suggest don’t be emotional and think twice before choosing to any lab test. Most of the lab test also provides discount coupon code by which you can get some discount in overall bill. Even I will suggest to choose either those lab test or you can also choose other lab test who has provided discount coupon code here. Mainly most of the test will be centralized to big lab test by number of franchise or local lab test. If you go directly to big brand you might end up paying more so it is better to choose small player who provide decent amount of discount, you just call them they will come and collect your sample, it is cost effective.

Book Best Pathology Test Lab

There are so many types of lab test and its importance to have.

Complete Blood Count (CBC):

CBC is the basic lab test to start and it will help your physician a quick snapshot of your overall health. This test provides a quality information to assess your kidney, vascular, liver, and blood cell status. The CBC measures the percentage, concentration, number, variety, and quality of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells, and thus is useful in screening for infections, anemia’s, and other hematological abnormalities.


It is an important contributor to blood clotting, fibrinogen levels increase in response to tissue inflammation. Since the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease are essentially inflammatory processes. Increased levels of fibrinogen can help predict the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Hemoglobin A1C:

This test measures a candidate’s blood sugar control over the last two to three months and it is an independent predictor of heart disease risk in candidate with or without diabetes. Nutritional therapies can help to reduce hemoglobin A1C levels.

What is diabetes?

It is a condition that affects the body’s ability to either produce or use insulin. Insulin helps the body utilize blood sugar for energy.

Over time, affect of diabetes results in damage the nerves and blood vessels and, causing a variety of symptoms, including:

  1. Increased risk for a heart attack or stroke.
  2. Difficulty in seeing.
  3. Tingling and numbness in the hands and feet.

An early diagnosis will help to start treatment and take preventive action to your life healthier.

These are symptom

  1. Feeling very hungry, even after eating.
  2. Having blurry vision.
  3. Being extremely thirsty.
  4. Feeling tired all the time.
  5. Urinating more often than usual.

Most important test for diabetes

Fasting blood sugar test

This test involves having your blood drawn after you’ve fasted overnight, which usually means not eating for 8 to 12 hours. It is not most effective test but it is important to have this test if you are getting any above symptom so immediate action you can take.

Random blood sugar test

This test involves drawing blood at any given time, no matter when you last ate. Results of this test if equal to or greater than 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) indicate diabetes.

A1C test:

It measures your average blood sugar for about three months. The test requires gathering only a small amount of blood. The results are measured in a percentage:

Results of this if less than 5.7 percent are normal.

Results of this if between 5.7 and 6.4 percent indicate prediabetes.

Results of this if equal to or greater than 6.5 percent indicate diabetes.

Urine Test

Urine Test:

Urinalysis is one way to find certain illnesses in their earlier stages. They include:

Liver disease


Kidney disease

Your doctor may also want to test your urine if you’re getting ready to have any surgery or are about to be admitted to the hospital. If you have symptoms of a urinary tract problem or kidney, you may have these tests to help find out what the problem is. Those symptoms include:

Pain in your back.

Pain when you pee or needing to go frequently.

Pain in your stomach.

Blood in your urine.

By seeing the color and clarity of unine, your doctor can suggest. If your urine has blood in it, it might be red or dark brown. Cloudy urine may mean you have an infection while foam can be a sign of kidney disease.

Important parameter:

Acidity or pH:

If the acid is above normal, you could have a urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney stones, or another condition.


This can be a sign your kidneys are not working properly. Actually Kidneys filter waste products out of your blood, and your body needs protein.


High sugar content is a marker for diabetes.

White blood cells: These are a sign of infection.


If this waste product, which is normally removed by your liver, shows up, it means that your liver isn’t working right.

Blood in your urine:

Sometimes this is certain illnesses or a sign of infections.

Total cholesterol – reflects all portions of the profile added together. It is not all cholesterol is so bad so we must consider other parameter.

HDL: it is made by your body, is not affected by diet, and represents “good” cholesterol levels. Higher is generally better for this form of cholesterol and you should not worry.

LDL: It reflects “bad” cholesterol levels, although typically for any LDL under 190, no medication is required unless you have other cardiovascular related disease.

Iron (TIBC and Iron): It is very important test and it looks for iron levels and iron binding in red blood cells. Lack of iron in body is one possible cause of anemia. Its decreased levels may be due to some gastrointestinal tract malabsorption, poor dietary intake, and chronic diseases, or increased iron needs during times like pregnancy.

Calcium: This test is to measures the quantity of calcium in your blood. It’s a mineral in the body that is necessary for your body’s and muscle function, nerve and heart. It is also very important for your body bone formation and maintenance.

Potassium: This test is used to monitor to control high blood pressure.

Serum HCG: This test is a kind of blood test that is most frequently used to check for pregnancy.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): It is used to predict thyroid function and is useful in predicting or managing thyroid disorders including hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Triiodothyronine (T3): It is used to detect thyroid function and is often checked if TSH results are abnormal as part of a thyroid cascade.

Urine culture: This test is for bacterial growth in urine

Vitamin tests

B12: It checks for your levels of vitamin B12, which is supplied by animal products (including, milk products, eggs, meat, and fish) in the diet. Deficiency may be due to low intake of vitamin B12 from your diet. Since B12 is needed for proper nervous system functioning and brain function and red blood cell formation and deficiency may lead to anemia.

Vitamin D: It is for levels of vitamin D, a vitamin that is found in some foods and also produced via sunlight. It is frequently checked to detect for fatigue or depressed mood and is associated with calcium absorption and bone health.


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